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Geographically, Purvanchal comprises the eastern end of Uttar Pradesh and some western districts of Bihar that encompasses the larger Bhojpuri region. Home to a few oldest living cities in the world, Purvanchal has always been appealing to people from everywhere for numerous reasons. With cities like Varanasi, Ayodhya, Sarnath, Kushinagar and Gorakhpur, Purvanchal will continue to mystify people for generations to come.

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Purvanchal is one of the most ancient regions of India, with a rich heritage and culture. Today it is among the most significant parts of Uttar Pradesh, for many reasons, be it politically, economically, spiritually or socially. Varanasi, Ayodhya, Gorakhpur and Kushinagar are some of the cities in Purvanchal that tell the tales of the rich legacy of their contribution to the nation. Their roots in ancient India highlight the brilliant ancestry that each of these cities possesses.

However, Purvanchal was neglected for a long long time, and hence one would not find much economic and industrial growth in this region. The region is thickly populated and did not get proper attention post-independence. But, after Varanasi became the Prime Minister’s constituency, things started changing for the better. Today, people hear hope for all-around development, and the present government is putting in every effort to make Purvanchal a self-sustaining region of Uttar Pradesh.

Known as "The land of warriors", this part of India played a very vital role in the freedom movement in India. People of this region have always been strong nationalists with high spirits. One of the prominent freedom fighters was Mangal Pandey, from this region. Hinduism and its two subsets Buddhism and Jainism find their many sacred places here.


The history of Purvanchal is older than times and civilisations. Varanasi, one of its most prominent cities, is believed to be the most ancient living city in the world today. Purvanchal region got independence from the Avadh and Mughal rule under Zamindar Balwant Singh, a Bhumihar zamindar from Benaras State (now known as Varanasi). He later founded the Narayan dynasty of Benaras state. The history of Purvancal goes back to the time of the beginning of life in the world.