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Varanasi District

Varanasi, once known as Benares or Banaras and Kashi, is a historical city in northern India. The city is sacred to Hindus and also one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. In many ways Varanasi epitomizes the very best and worst aspects of India, and it can be a little overwhelming. However, the scene of pilgrims doing their devotions in the River Ganges at sunrise set against the backdrop of the centuries old temples is probably one of the most impressive sights in the world. Some people believe that Varanasi is a must see destination on any trip to northern India. Others do not find it particularly interesting to see Hindus bathing themselves in the Ganges, and are turned off by the feces that floods the Ganges and covers the alleys of Varanasi.

The city can be scorchingly hot in the summer months so, if possible, time your visit to fall between October and March, and bring something warm to wear for chilly days and nights, instead.


Banaras Ghat

Banaras was also celebrated as the place where the most profound wisdom dwelt, the seat of all enlightenment and learning. Its permanent advantages include the highest sanctity, fertile soil, and its location on a great river. Hindu rulers built great palaces, temples, and ghats in the city. It is also mentioned in late Vedic literature and in the Hindu epics Ramayana and Mahabharata.


Kashi vishwanath

Varanasi temples are famous in the world. Varanasi is the city of temple; Varanasi is so fascinated about prayer and tradition. Kashi vishwanath Golden temple is main attraction of the Varanasi.

assi ghat

Assi Ghat

Assi Ghat an important ghat of Varanasi traditionally constitutes the southern end of conventional city. Situated at the confluence of Ganga and Assi rivers, Assi Ghat is the southernmost Ghat in Varanasi, where pilgrims bathe before paying their homage to Lord Shiva in the form of huge lingam situated under a peepal tree.


Dasaswamedh Ghat

The best ghat to hang around is Dasaswamedh. Here you will find myriad people doing myriad things. You will see people bathing, excercising, pandas performing pujas and so on.


Rajendra Prasad Ghat

In 1979 in memory and honour of the first president of India (1950-1962). Rajendra Prasad (1884-1963) this ghat was renamed, and made pucca by the Municipal Corporation of Varanasi.


Ganga Ghat

There are number of temples on the bank of the Ganga river in Varanasi. It is believed that people are cleansed physically, mentally and spiritually at Ganga Ghats. It is at the Ganga Ghats where we see life and death together.